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Using masonry profiles.

When it comes to constructing a building, putting up walls is one of the most important steps in the process. The walls are not only the structure that supports the building, but they also play an important role in determining the layout and overall look of the building. 

The design

It all starts with the design of the building. Before any thought can even be given to placing the walls, a design must first be created. This design includes not only the size and shape of the building, but also the layout of the rooms and the location of doors, windows and other openings in the walls.

Once the design is finalised, building walls can be started. This begins with plotting the dimensions of the building on the construction site. This is done by marking out corners of the building using tape measures and markers. Next, the foundations are placed. 

The foundations

The foundations form the base of the building and ensure that the walls remain stable.Once the foundations are in place, the placement of the walls themselves can begin. There are different types of walls that can be used when constructing a building, including brick, concrete, timber and steel. Each type of wall has its own specific properties and advantages.

Brick walls are often used because of their durability and aesthetic value. Brick walls are weather-resistant and relatively cheap to build. Concrete walls are also popular because of their durability and strength. Concrete walls are often used in the construction of tall buildings because of their ability to support heavy loads. Wooden walls are lighter in weight and are often used in the construction of houses and other lightweight structures. Steel walls are very strong and durable and are often used in the construction of large industrial buildings.

Regardless of the type of wall used, walls must be placed in a certain way to ensure they remain strong and stable. Placing walls usually starts with building the corner walls. These walls form the base of the building and must be placed according to the specifications of the design. Once the corner walls are placed, the rest of the walls can be built.


Galvanised steel

< 1 minute

Fast and efficient construction process


Walls are straight, level and plumb