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Masonry profiles

With Profile-Tools, we have reinvented this classic way of building.


The profiles are made entirely of galvanised steel to ensure a long service life.

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By using construction profiles, the construction process can be faster and more efficient.


For any builder or contractor who wants to ensure their walls are straight, level and plumb.

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Construction profiles are essential components of any construction project.

They are designed to help contractors create flat and plumb walls, even in situations where the surface they are building on is uneven or sloping.


Our profiles consist of two main components

The brackets are adjustable, allowing building contractors to accurately adjust the position of the profile to ensure it is perfectly straight and level. Once the profile is secured in place via the bracing, contractors can use it as a guide for installing the masonry string.

Long, straight metal tube

Once the masonry profile is secured straight and level in place, builders can use it as a guide for installing clamping blocks.

Adjustable brackets

A pair of adjustable brackets that allow the tube to be placed on the foundation with firmness.


In 3 steps, arrange the starting point to place a building level and provide it with a solid base.

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For any builder or contractor who wants to ensure their walls are straight, level and plumb.


As the construction process is more accurate and efficient, fewer errors and delays occur. This leads to lower labour costs and less material wastage.


Building profiles are used to ensure the correct dimensions of a building. They provide an accurate and consistent reference point for all elements of the structure, from the foundation to the roof. This allows the contractor to maintain the precision of construction plans and avoid dimensional deviations.


Masonry profiles contribute to safety on the construction site. Accurate dimensions and consistent reference points can reduce risks such as collapses and accidents.


Can be used for all types of construction projects; from simple residential construction to complex commercial projects. Construction profiles are highly flexible and can be adapted to different construction conditions and materials.


Using construction profiles can make the building process faster and more efficient. As the profiles serve as a guide, the builder can work faster without worrying about measuring individual components.

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Fast and efficient construction process


Walls are straight, level and plumb